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    From an architectural point of view, fusing is a warm glass technique which consist in the making of artistic glass panels by joining together glass pieces heating them up to reach their thermal fusion. Although there are ancient records with regard to this technique, the current resources are so different and superior to the traditional ones, that it seems useless to attempt to follow the old procedures.

    So about 1975 fusing emerges as a new resource for artists, showing a steady development.

    We, at Crystallo T.V.A.® treat the Glass Art with due respect, that’s why since 1998 we have been digging deeper into this  matter, attending seminars given by the outstanding Italian artist Miriam Di Fiore, interchanging information with different experts throughout the world and keeping ourselves informed about cutting edge news.

    Now we have accumulated enough knowledge to start the warm glass activities. So we have defined and designed the necessary special resources. We would like to mention the digitally controlled kiln, which allows us to make whole pieces of 39 inches wide by 63 inches long., a size never dreamt of before for a whole non-reinforced single piece of glass.

    This line is not competitive with the one applied to stained glass panels, it is just different. Nevertheless, we highlight fusing as the maximum resource available for the XXI century glass artist. Color palette, shades and textures are actually infinite. We like to imagine Louis Comfort Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marc Chagall or the anonymous artists of Chartres having this  technology at their disposal. Probably they would embrace it and multiply its creative force.

    The warm glass branch will hopefully be steadily operative by January 2004, once finished the period of set up and tests. Meanwhile, we show here some samples we made during the seminars we attended.

    Once this activity is under way, we will expand our production line to diverse utility art objects meant for the home and business.          






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