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    Crystallo T.V.A.® is our art glass studio mainly devoted to architectural objects and functional art.

    It is located in the city of Cipolletti on the Rio Negro (Black River) valley in the region known as Patagonia (Southern Argentina). With regard to the celestial map, it is slightly below the Southern Cross. Click here to find further contact information.
    As its creators, artists and artisans, Graciela Rapetti & Hugo J. Gavarini own this home based studio grounded on the knowledge of handmade tradition, modernization and constant improvement. Here, (at Crystallo T.V.A.®) is active not only the creative freedom but also the strictest technological procedures which, although apparent extremes, collaborate fruitfully in the cause of art.

    That's why Crystallo T.V.A.® has a library which we take pride in showing, along with our literature that we keep receiving from all over the world in respect of the state of the art.

    The studio started in 1995 and steadily produced architectural art glass known as stained glass, that is, the traditional technique of coldworking. Leaded glass and copper foil are the main representatives of this craftsmanship.

    The wish to have the best resource for the sake of art lead us to do research into the warm glass techniques, swiftly developed after 1975. This new scenery expands the limits of creativity by giving an infinite palette of colors, shades and textures.

    Thus we have put within the reach of our clients the widest choice to satisfy their aesthetic cravings.

    Our policy put emphasis on growing through sharing. That’s why we answer enthusiastically all the questions from clients, colleagues and persons interested in the matter. Likewise, we have arranged for an educational branch devoted to whoever want to create works by themselves.

    We would like to increase this short contact, so we invite you to contact Crystallo T.V.A.®. We have also arranged for other communication resources through this site, being however the suggestions form or e-mail the most advisable.

     Thank you for visiting us and for your interest in our work!

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